Unique experiences in an authentic setting

Vallouise-Pelvoux is a small French mountain village that has maintained its authentic character. It is set beautifully at the foot of the high mountains and only 3 hours from the Mediterranean Sea. If you want to relax or dive into action and adventure, then this is the ideal place/ spot. In winter, Pelvoux is the end of the road and also in summer it doesn’t suffer from mass tourism. This alpine region has a rich and eventful history which makes sure it has a cultural life worth exploring.

• Visit the Vauban fortresses in Mont-Dauphin and walk among the marmots

• Soak up the atmosphere in the historical centre of Briancon

• Walk from the chalet along the river bank of Gyr to the open air swimming pool (10min)

• Indulge the numerous well-signposted trail running routes

• Dare to go mountaineering or ice climbing

• Go for a paraglide initiation in the village

• Enjoy a dog-sled ride

• Trot on a horse through scenic surroundings.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words …